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Dec 15, 2009

Colour vs Black

Today was a really cold day so i wore under my pants a panty!!xd
What is wore:booties sacha,pants h&m,body katy perry for H&M,vest dyanne for C&A.
I found a old coat from my mom a brown beary look coat!!
But i'm not so shore if i really gonna wear it,later a picure of the coat!
I also found a picture of katy perry when she was younger so sweet!!
xoxo amber


  1. Leuke outfit, gave kleur broek vooral!
    Wat zag Katy er vroeger anders uit he ;)

  2. gooooooooooooooood blog!
    Follow! ;)

  3. I love the sweater its so vintage and so school girl with an air of high fashion! I love your hair and your facial features very Victorian, really you have a very unique look ans I love how your pictures look old and blurry it just adds to the mystery and the spell you’ve cast on me. Well take care and have a brilliant day!

  4. i love the top and the electric blue pants!
    wow i didnt recognize that it is katy perry

  5. You have such good style, its awesome! those are KILLER boots :) i can't seem to find any good pairs which are a) easy to walk in for a 13 yr old, or b) cool looking!! Thanks for the comment, i love hearing everyones opinions!

    panda xx

  6. are you cold? here in my country it is too hot! i really like your look! i will follow you (: