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Aug 29, 2010

Sweet bloggers!
I went out last night and also the night before!
I had so much fun!

7 facts about me:1.I'm totally addicted to ice cream,I can eat It eveyday!
2.I totally love to sing and dance
3.I have thousands of jewerly but need to wear them more;)
4.I totally love music you guys know that allready I think;),but sometimes I like really strange songs! for example the theme song of american beauty!(american beauty is a movie freaking awesome movie I think!and I also like indian music and turkish!And ofcourse bruce springsteen!
5.I love to talk and laugh totally addicted to it! sometimes my mom and friends getting cray of it!:P 6.I think escalators are scary! I'm always afraid that my shoelace get stuck in it!:P
7.I'm totally addicted to the computer and tv,and I love to run especially when it's dark than I don't have the feeling that people stare at me!

Have an amzing week sweet bloggers!
x amber
p.s another fact!
my friends always call me am,or ambie,or ambie bambi!:P
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  1. Thanks for sharing these things about yourself!

  2. Looks like a great night! like you're blog (:

  3. Ok well am loving the lips I know I know I said that before bur wow!!!! and the blouse so androgynous am loving it with those amazing shades, I cant get enough of your style hun♥

  4. ah leuke foto's! on air was zeker egslaagd zo te zien? haha x

  5. looks like so much fun! i've watched american beauty but I never noticed what the theme song's like. i'll give it a hear

  6. dankje voor je reactie!
    ik heb van die in-ear pluggs van Sennheiser
    deze om precies te zijn:

  7. Cute pictures and facts! Your blog is so cute! I'm so sorry for the long long long wait but I'm back - and posting :) Sorry for the long wait as well, but thank you for your lovely comment! Panda xx

  8. Oh Am, it sounds like you had a blast!♥ am so happy for you!!! I have a party this week am so happy yay!!!

  9. Leuk om die 7 punten te lezen :)
    Zoals je vast wel gemerkt hebt ben ik best wel een tijdje weg geweest, en ik was bang dat je ook gestopt was maar gelukkig blog je nog! Nice!

    xx river