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Sep 7, 2010

Hi sweet bloggers here a old picture of my dog when she was a puppy,started at my news school this week and it's pretty nice:D,but don't really know because I only got 2 days school so we will see;):P
Tonight I had singing class with my friend brenda,it was my first singing class ever but it went pretty good!
We went to the singing class because we going to perform at an event in my town called Huizerdag;)
So I will be busy with school and practising for saterday!
But sunday or monday I will show you guys a video of my performens and ofcourse my outfit;)
Have an amazing week sweet bloggers!;)

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  1. aah wat een schatje !! En ja ik heb je email ontvangen !! Ik ben nu klaar met 4 meiden en ik ga bijna aan jou foto beginnen :D haha heb het erg druk, zit morgen weer de hele dag in dusseldorf met school :p dus wordt eind van de week.


  2. So cute puppy <3 good luck on your singing classes! (:

  3. What a cute puppy!

  4. Hey!
    What a nice blog you have! I love your singing videos. You sing very well!! I really love singing and dancing and I always like to watch videos where people are doing them :)
    Of course I can follow you! It would be very nice :)

  5. RE: haha ja he, haha :P voortaan neem ik die tas altijd naar die plek mee hahaha. maar wat een schattige puppy! hieee

  6. stupendo ;) bel blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hello!hello! you abandoned a comment in my bloge!I can draw you with gladness!you need it will be to send the photo on and yet I will be soviet, if you will be added to me in friends!))
    with kind regards, Sofia!))

  8. So much cuteness!
    Te lief haha!