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Nov 9, 2010


Hi sweet bloggers here a few pictures of my outfit from sunday, my friend anouk made this pictures.I hope you have a nice week!
And remember give the world I smile,you will get it back!
xoxo amber <3


  1. How are you? long time no talk right, am so very sorry ---am loving this outfit so much it exactly what I would wear to the beach some conferrable jeans and a t-shirt, and hun about your T-shit I have no idea what happened I sent it but I haven’t received the green paper that I paid extra for, to make sure it arrived to its destination if you don’t get it within a week please let me know! Anywho hun am loving this post I love the beach and I have a puppy!!!!! Hes name is Lando and am loving him he’s so playful and makes my afternoons so fun sometimes having a brilliant time at the park my next stop will definitely be taking my little fela to the beach!!! Thanks for visiting hun.

  2. Oh darling that does sound like an awesome weekend!♥ visiting cafes with friends is always amazing, we chat about girl stuff like new make-up and hair do’s, what guys are cute and much more! And when we hang-out with the lads well we end-up talking about music, funny moments and creepy stuff that happened to us that weekend hahahaha!! am so glad you had a blast this weekend……….. Pizza mmmmm hungry -♥

  3. love it, so perfect!

  4. Cute pictures. I love the beach. :)SarahD

  5. Mooie fotooooo's!! Ben gek op het strand en de nonchy outfit! x

  6. Really inspiring photos!! Your dog is so cute XD


  7. Ah bedankt voor je lieve reactie!
    &Wat een leuke boyfriend blazer heb je onder dat jack aan!